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Our mission is to reduce the barriers to adopting improvements and innovation by providing downloadable documents used in the evaluation and selection of services and technology.

Important projects are often delayed or never initiated due to time and resource restraints. However, the business environment demands rapid deployment of solutions to improve efficiency, reduce costs and make improvements. While service and technology solutions have dynamically improved and can acheive unprecidented ROI's and performance improvements, assessing and selecting these solutions is increasingly complex and time consuming.

RFPResource reduces project time and improves project due diligence for practioners.
We provide an exchange for practitioners to share and obtain documents that contain detailed criteria used to define internal requirements and to establish detailed evaluation criteria to assess and compare solutions.
These documents can be downloaded by product or service type and are provided in standard formats so that they can be easily modified to meet specific circumstances.

RFPResource enables improved project due diligence.

Our company is comprised of researchers, segment experts, former practitioners and consultants and project and procurement specialists. Our knowledge base is expanded through the use of industry panels, collaboration with practitioners and partnerships with industry associations.

The collaborative result is a compendium of shared knowledge resources that improve project and purchasing due diligence and save time. We enable better, faster and more cost effective decisions.

Practioners are encourage to utilize our service and contribute to our inventory of helpful documents.


Knowledge is Buying Power.™
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