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RFPResource offers unique, highly effective promotion and lead generation services.
Our services significantly outperform traditional marketing approaches in quality and cost per lead and create a unique competitive advantage for your sales force.

Why are your traditional marketing methods generating low, unacceptable ROI's?
Low ROI on traditional marketing methods can often be attributed to lack of parity between marketing approaches and strategic sales tactics. Strategic sales efforts requires the ability to:

      • Collaborate with prospects early in the buying process
      • Influence buyer expectations and requirements (early in the buying cycle)
      • Establish clear competitive differentiation, and
      • Position competitive advantages based on the buyer's expectations and requirements.

      Reaching prospects early in the buying Cycle
      is essential for strategic selling.

Yet, traditional marketing methods are not effective at targeting buyers early in the buying process. This results in poor lead quality, high costs per lead and tactical disadvantages for your sales people.

To optimize marketing effectiveness:

      1. Target leads early in the buying process,
      2. Use permission-based approaches to gain access to buyers, and,
      3. Deliver specific messages based on the buyer's phase in the buying cycle

Combine strategic solution sales approaches with permission-based marketing.
The results will include higher closing ratios, shorter sales cycles, lower cost per "qualified" lead, higher ROI on marketing budgets, and tactical advantages for sales people.

RFPResource is a marketing medium unlike any other. Our site exclusively attracts practitioners in the early stages of projects in your specific product and service categories. Our unique, permission based lead generation service and profile-based marketing services outperform traditional marketing methods in quality and cost per lead.

RFPResource's unique marketing services:

Document Sponsorships
Sponsor documents in your product or service segments. Help practitioners define their requirements and formulate the criteria used to select the right solutions. Be sure the most recent advancements and improvements in your products and services are considered as part of the evaluation criteria used to compare alternative solutions. Contribute to setting standards in your segment and help practitioners reduce the time required to complete important projects.

Segment Sponsorships
Get valuable exposure during the critical early stages of the buying cycle. Establish your market position and commitment to setting industry benchmarks in your segment. Target your branding to create the strategic and tactical advantages needed during the sales process.

Multi-Exposure Targeted Advertising™ (META™)
Present your marketing messages to qualified prospects at the right time! Our unique, targeted and comprehensive promotional advertising approach is unlike any other. Our permission-based marketing service is the most effective conduit available to reach qualified prospects with targeted messages to optimize the impact of your marketing dollars. Unlike traditional advertising platforms, we offer highly targeted, low cost, multi-exposure advertising by intelligently matching your ads to prospects interested in your specific Product/Service Segment; and, to only qualified prospects that are early in the buying process. Further, you can present specific marketing messages based on our advanced META™ buyer profiling. The right message at the right time throughout the evolving buying cycle. Additionally, your message goes beyond a single exposure. Each highly qualified prospect receives multiple exposures in our phased, opt-in interaction with the prospect. And, since our approach is permission based, you are able to break through the mass marketing "clutter" and reach prospects open to receiving your relevant message.

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