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RFPResource provides a central exchange for practitioners to obtain and share documents used in the evaluation and selection of service and technology solutions.

Our downloadable documents improve due diligence in purchasing decisions and reduce project time. If you are considering a new project, need to validate your internal requirements or evaluation criteria, or want to benchmark your existing providers, RFPResource enables more informed, best value decisions.

Use our search engine to select a type of product or service. A list of available documents related to your search will be presented with detailed descriptions. Select the documents you want, and complete the Download Set-up Registration Form. Download the document(s) and modify for your specific needs. (See Copyrights, Limited Use Restrictions and Privacy Policies.)

Use RFPResource.net to help:

    • Build your Requirement Documentation and RFP's
    • Define detailed Evaluation Criteria for vendor comparisons
    • Validate your current analysis
    • Focus Internal Collaboration on key issues
    • Optimize 3rd party discussions (consultants,vendors)
    • Benchmark service or functionality expectations.

Our documents cover a broad base of service and technology types and we are continuously adding new product and service segments. Posted documents are reviewed and updated routinely by expert panels to reflect continued progress in each product and service segment that we cover.

Utilize this exchange to improve your project due diligence, make better decisions and save time and money. We also encourage you to contribute documents to share with fellow practitioners.

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